The company attaches great importance to customer service service, for each batch of products issued by the company, have specialized merchandiser personnel tracking, if customers reflect the products do not meet customer expectations, will be the first time merchandiser feedback back to the company, the company will be within 12 hours of the issues reflected by the customer feedback. For the problem of small batch and the lighter, the company will recommend customers to substandard products returned by the company after the detection of re delivery, if the transportation problem, can discuss and transport solutions; for large volume or a relatively serious problem situation, the company will send someone to go to the scene to understand the situation and the location of the customers provide solutions for large customer orders; or the future growth potential of larger customers, the company will sent by the director of sales, technology development and quality assurance staff customer service service team to solve customer locations. On the basis of considering efficiency and cost, the company has established a positive image to solve problems and take responsibility for customers.
Promotion and transcendence has been encouraging Jin Sheng excellent marketing team, so that more customers know Jinsheng packaging, the use of Jinsheng products, feel Jingsheng service is our goal. Through professional interactive pre-sales consulting, 100 percent centralized communication, efficient and high-quality after-sales service, to strive for more customers trust, to win a broader market.

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